The History Of Danish Dreams

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The opening chapter is a real tour de force in its moulding of space and time, and I considered that this might be one of those rare events: a veritable five-star novel. I read on, but the closer the story came to the present day, the less interesting became the lives protrayed, so that post-war life becomes so ordinary in its extraordinariness.

And this is, I suppose, one of the book's strengths and a clear indication that we have here an author of real perspicacity. It is also true that, the closer one comes to the present, the more comical are the situations and the ideas, though it should be said that the humour is subtle, darkly subtle. So why only three stars? Because, despite the black humour, despite the clever insights, despite the vitriolic and yet sympathetic comment - both direct and indirect - on the state of contemporary Danish society, the method of narration is so tedious.

The storyline maybe so fantastic and yet equally so everyday, but the tale is nevertheless a family saga: it can only indulge its readers by assuming they are at bottom actually interested in the minutiae of such a saga writ large. And, I'm afraid, often I simply could not care less.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. What a terrible book and a waste of money. Absolutely no merits whatsoever. One star for the name. Content very poor.

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  • The History of Danish Dreams: A Novel.

Don't buy it. One person found this helpful. See all 4 reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Did like "Smilla", but so far I did not like any other book written by Peter Hoeg. Verified Purchase.

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Hoegs musings approach poetry and pass beyond. Unusual and highly entertaining. Memorable characters. Hoeg's women are particularly eccentric and strong. They seem to be shaping the history he relates. Readers who enjoy playful magic realism will love this book. The other reviews about this book appear to be mostly true, IMHO, but I do want to state clearly that if you are looking for another book as good as Smilla's Sense of Snow, this ain't it.

Read a lot more of these reviews if you are looking for more Smilla and think this book might be interesting. I found this book painful to read and was relieved when I was done.

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It was an intellectual exercise and like most exercise, no pain - no gain. I am glad I read it. Its even possible I would read it again, but it is no where near the quality entertainment Smilla is. I won a copy of Hoeg's Borderliners on a bet with a co-worker that I could not read it and summarize it in a way she would believe I had actually read the whole thing. Boarderliners hasn't got anything on this book when it comes to being a painful read.

Go to Amazon. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Echo Burning. Case Histories. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. The Girl on the Train. The Heart's Invisible Furies. Maybe the Horse Will Talk.

The Blue Rose. Stone Country. Norwegian Wood. The Trip of a Lifetime. Where it works, it feels like an apt modern mythology - though at times, and especially nearer the end, it becomes silly, repetitive and short on ideas.

ISBN 13: 9780385315913

At times the magic realism was frustrating because I had wanted to read about more typical people - rather than impossible feats and extremes, albeit ones with symbolic significance if you choose to see them that way. However, it meant that the book is an easy read than the sort of social-history in novel form that I expected: things were never dull.

Some lapses are forgivable - after all this is a first novel with a very ambitious concept and often, it works well. This book gave the curious feeling of having had a fantastical dream, yet it also provided a way of learning more about a country. Sep 22, Ben Ballin rated it really liked it.

A sort-of Danish ' Years of Solitude', this ambitious novel romps and meanders through fantastical events, up to the present day. It is both an epic and a magical realist novel, its form allowing Hoeg free rein to let his imagination run riot. This he assuredly does, encompassing crazed aristocrats, lovable thieves, religious mania, zeppelins, love affairs, and a village so poor that its residents eat the seaweed off their hovel roofs.

It gives him license for fantasy, satire, romance and mom A sort-of Danish ' Years of Solitude', this ambitious novel romps and meanders through fantastical events, up to the present day. It gives him license for fantasy, satire, romance and moments of breathtaking poetry. The principal characters are all extreme figures, fleeing constraint in a subconscious search for freedoms that they themselves barely understand. In that sense, the book does precisely what it says on the tin. What do we learn? That beneath its steady and bourgeois veneer, Denmark is a seething mass of imagination and desire?

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That the madness of the past will always haunt the present? That the flat-bottomed barge in which we set sail into the future is not what it appears to be? All this and more, which is as it should be. This is not a simple parable, and if the complexities of its expansive narrative and many digressions sometimes had me flicking back pages to remind myself of who somebody was, so what? The same is true for Dickens or Tolstoy, and it's for the most part a mindbendingly enjoyable read.

Nov 27, Ajk rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I dunno. Any Danophiles out there? Shelves: fiction. There's a pretty rad book exchange off a side street in Asmali Mescit neighborhood here in Istanbul.

The History of Danish Dreams

Full of old folks who tell awesome stories and let you take books from 'em for free Considering I have Danish friends and turn into a deaf mute whenever talk gets going about their homeland, I figure it would be a good introduction. And the author appare There's a pretty rad book exchange off a side street in Asmali Mescit neighborhood here in Istanbul. And the author apparently is an ex-mountaineer, ex-fencer, and ex-ballet dancer, so he seems like the kind of dude I'd patronize.

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So the book follows 4 generations or so of a family tree from Denmark's medieval feudalism into the 's. Apparently most of that change happens in the 20th century, and the book could be better called "Denmark in the 's: a novel" There's some likable characters and some fun quotes. The 's were an awesome time to be rich, apparently. And lawyers and the law make for terrible people, but if you ran in my circles, you'd know this already. And honestly, I finished this book a few weeks ago and it didn't make that much of an impression on me.

Maybe it was a mediocre translation, who knows?